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Written by Fatih Altinok, who cares a lot about user experience, teamwork and functional programming.

The Suspense is Killing Me: Part 1

April 18, 2021

If you are a long-time React user, you might be wondering for the past few years about when Concurrent Mode/Suspense will ship. The plans to…

What I look forward to about web development in 2021

February 25, 2021

Web development is in much better shape than it ever was before. It's both easier to build products and the products we build are much more user-friendly. We see an increasing emphasis on performance, consistency, and accessibility. Here are some advancements in web development that I expect to see in 2021.

Dietto: a retrospective

January 24, 2021

I will walk you through my decision process in a pet project and provide some retrospective.

My weight loss tips

May 15, 2020

So I lost 10 kilograms in the last 2 months. I know it's not groundbreaking, but it's the first time I saw actual progress in my weight loss journey, so I decided to share my tips with you.

What I learned from Nand2Tetris

August 08, 2014

I completed the The Elements of Computing Systems course, a.k.a. Nand2Tetris just now, and I wanted to share what I learned from it while my…


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