Fatih's Personal Blog

Fatih Altinok

I'm a full-stack software engineer with a decade-long experience of building web based experiences. I love everything about the web; the openness, the approachability, the fun. I'm also very passionate about quick feedback cycles, correctness of code, consistency of design, and accessibility.

I got my first computer at the age of 12 and made it go up in flames by putting a Nintendo cartridge into the motherboard. After that, I kept my damage only to the software, occasionally deleting necessary system files. Around that time, I got interested in building websites with FrontPage and putting it up using free hosting. Downloading and tinkering with whimsical JavaScript snippets was a fun pastime for me. Other things that I found fun: bricking my laptop while installing various GNU/Linux distros, bricking my phone while installing Android mods, bricking my MP3 player while installing Rockbox on it, almost bricking my girlfriend's camera by asking to install Magic Lantern on it. (She refused.)

Then I got a degree in mechanical engineering. Big mistake, so I spent the next summer studying CS topics and building projects so I could get into software engineering. After applying to enough jobs, I finally got in. Since then I've been building and finding out better ways to build.